You can find our training venue in the former 6th form block at Oulder Hill Community School

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Oulder Hill Community School

SatNav Postcode - OL11 5EF


Be aware that most SatNavs will take you into Greave Avenue, as there is no access to the school car park from Greave Avenue, you need to make sure that you turn into Hudson’s Walk.  The car park is at the end of Hudson’s Walk.




There is no need to report to the school's main reception - take the path to the left, through the gate in the fence and report directly to the training room.
Follow the path to the left and go through the gate in the fence.  As you go up the path, the entrance to the Training Room is at the end of the path. The door will be open up until the start of the Training Course/Seminar. 

PLEASE NOTE: The external gate to the SIMS Team Training Facility will be closed once the session commences in order to comply with Oulder Hills security policy.  For late arrivals please report to the schools main reception.

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Once inside the building there is a signing in station at the left hand side, please make sure that you sign in and take a visitors’ badge.  Turn left and the Training Room is at the end of the room, in front of you.