Lynn Warrington (SIMS Team Manager)

I have worked with SIMS for over 25 years, initially in a primary school office and for the last 14 years with the Rochdale SIMS team, I have been responsible for a number of key areas over the years, I have trained and supported SIMS new users, Attendance, Attendance Mail Merge  Pupil Census,  Key Stage Submissions,  and Year End Procedures. I also spent 5 years as a SIMS Team Leader in a supporting role. In the last two years I have taken on the role of SIMS Team Manager. The best part of my job is the variety of work that my role brings to me and knowing that the work we do and the support we deliver makes a difference to our schools.

Richard Chappelle (SIMS System Manager)

I have worked for the SIMS Team since April 2009, I have worked with SIMS since leaving university in 2001. I have worked for numerous local authorities, schools and even Capita themselves for a time. Areas of responsibility: Technical lead, Secondary Assessment, Advanced reporting.

I enjoy the challenges of trying to meet schools needs and desires using the tools available, and like it when I succeed

Carly Jenkins (MIS Consultant)

I have worked with SIMS for many years, previously in a Primary School setting and then I joined the SIMS team in May 2009.  I support a lot of the core areas of SIMS, mainly leading on SIMS Office user (& Advanced), Behaviour Management, Discover Pastoral and I am also heavily involved in the Pupil Premium process.  I have trained and supported many of our new users and I like the challenges that a new academic year brings.  I work with a great team of people and I really enjoy speaking to our customers and helping to make a difference.

Carol Hoyle (MIS Consultant)

I have been supporting SIMS for more years than I care to mention.  The last 9 have been spent with The SIMS Team in Rochdale.  I am mainly responsible for the schools’ Census returns and many of the Secondary Schools’ Curriculum Modules.  The thing I love most about my job is the people I speak to on a daily basis – they are always so appreciative of everything that members of The SIMS team do for them.

Christine Denton (MIS Consultant) 

I have worked for the SIMS Team since 2004. I support all of the core aspects of SIMS and lead on the following areas - Training Coordination, SIMS Team Website, SIMS Discover Pastoral (with Carly) SIMS Reporting and End of Year Procedures for  Primary Schools. I have recently gained a Level 3 Award in Education and Training to further support my role. I love the variety that my role brings. I am lucky to work with some great people; colleagues and customers.

Jane Bell (MIS Consultant)

I have worked for the SIMS Team for 16 years. The areas of SIMS that I lead on are: SEN, Dinner Money, Personnel for Primaries, Attendance, Profiles and EYPT.  I enjoy my job because as well as working with a great team, I like that each day I am speaking to our customers (customers that we speak to regularly so get to know) and providing a solution to their problem or query – each day is different and interesting.

Lailing Wong (MIS Consultant) 

I started with the SIMS Team in 2014.  Since starting I have been through a vast amount of SIMS training provided by my team and can’t believe the amount of modules that SIMS has to offer.  I am the lead for System Manager for Primary and I also deal with the SIMS Spring, Summer and Autumn upgrades as well as supporting SOLUS3 calls.  It’s been interesting learning how schools work and how SIMS fits into the school environment, I love the variety of work that this job offers and no day with the SIMS Team is the same. It’s amazing to work with a team who are always on hand to support me.

Maqbool Patel (Senior MIS Consultant)

I have worked in Education IT for over 12 years supporting schools in 3 different   Local Authorities, with over 6 years’ experience in specialising in SIMS. My areas of expertise include Primary Assessment Trackers including End of year statutory returns, Exams, Post 16 Learning Aims Census , Course Manager, Discover and some technical aspects of SIMS.