SIMS Change Requests

SIMS Support Teams and Schools with a Capita MyAccount are able to log SIMS change requests (CRs) and vote for existing CRs. Please see the list below of the CRs that have been logged or voted for by the Rochdale SIMS Team or Rochdale schools. If you have a Capita MyAccount we would  like to ask you to support your colleagues and consider voting for the CRs that you would like to see actioned by Capita: If you have any CRs that you would like others to vote for please email them to

CRs logged up to the March 2017 Technical Meeting

1702-3602846 Academic Management Recording access arrangements in
1702-3599538 Assessment 7 Comment Aspect Character limit to be editable in Assessment
1701-3589247 Assessment 7 Consistant display of student names in Assessment Manager
1702-3599879 STAR 7 Emergency Alert Report 
1702-3600282 STAR 7 Deceased Flag  to indicate that a parent / contact is deceased.
1702-3604321 Attendance 7 Warning message of "Are you sure?" before running critical procedures such as Enter a code over a date range
1703-3611476 Assessment 7 Make embargo functionality available to a SIMS school created Assessment template
1402-1279373 STAR 7 - Student Routines Bulk delete Students
1611-3557429 .net Data Management Archiving Students 
1701-3594053 STAR 7 - Student Details Bulk delete linked documents on Student's records

CRs logged up to the December 2016 Technical Meeting

1611-3563688 Behaviour 7 Quadruple Behaviour comment box size
1611-3563037 Personnel 7 Alerts for when DBS is about to expire
1611-3559611 Teacher App Start Time - Minutes late
1611-3557429 .net Data Management Archiving Students
1610-3555661 Assessment 7 Change current maximum of 5 Marksheets linked to Take Register Screen to user configurable setting
1610-3555116 Assessment 7 "Import results" mapping
1610-3542550 Discover Dynamic Groups as basis for Assessment Graphs
1609-3536217 SOLUS 3 Deploy SIMS Discover
1609-3528752 SOLUS 3 Add new status of 'Already applied' for patch deployment 

CRs logged up to the July 2016 Technical Meeting

1606-3497139 Assessment 7 Allow users to run custom Macros with Individual Reports
1606-3489830 STAR 7 Governors in SIMS
1606-3489824 System Maintenance & Utilities XSLT processor upgrade
1605-3484372 Reporting Upload own "Screen Based Reports" Templates
1604-3469015 InTouch Ability to send out profile reports via InTouch

CRs logged up to the April 2016 Technical Meeting

1601-3443178 Homepage Conduct summary widget - possible new time selection (Term to date)
1604-3468217 Assessment 7 School Report & Exams Assessment Mapping
1603-3464582 Discover Traveller Status Graph
1602-3454944 InTouch Add attachments external to SIMS
1510-3408757 Cover 7 Exclude staff from cover
1510-3398594 Assessment 7 Reference Additional student columns in formulae
1601-3438386 Dinner Money 7 Partial FSM
1602-3454383 Assessment 7 Schedule Marksheet Calculation
1504-3316352 SOLUS 3 Distribute Census filesets through SOLUS3
1501-1351668 SOLUS 3 Agent upgrade prioritisation
1501-1353364 SOLUS 3 SOLUS 3 Agent UI for multiple users
1502-1357129 Attendance 7 "Reports | Attendance | Individual Pupils Report | Registration Certificate Report" have the options to print a pie chart
1502-1357784 Cover 7 Access to Marksheets when asigned cover
1502-1359886 CTF (Excluding NI) Contact Matching
1412-1351373 Discover UDFs in Discover
1410-1334407 SOLUS 3 New Target Definition of "Nova Satellite"
1402-1283391 STAR 7 - Student Details Export linked documents on mass
1407-1312073 Assessment 7 Ability to create custom Additional Student Columns.
1401-1272163 SOLUS 3 Downloaded update to client report
1312-1259615 Reporting General Student list to reference Assessment
1311-1232656 SOLUS 3 Distinguish between patches and upgrades
1308-1210304 Assessment 7 Amending Aspect details shouldn't overwrite default column heading
1307-1207445 Assessment 7 Default Column Width
1305-1190553 Personnel 7 Archive old staff - particularly supply staff who haven't been used for some time but still appear in cover when recording absence.
1302-1170050 Discover Auto Exclude 0 Data points option
1302-1168275 Attendance 7 Precision of reports setting (number of decimal places)
1301-1163547 Reporting Add 'Address | Notes' to the reporting Dictionary
1411-1345590 Personnel 7 Employee Merge Routine
1311-1235759 Dinner Money 7 Merge Staff
1301-1161020 Personnel 7 Routine to Merge staff like agents
1301-1165368 Profiles 7 Include coloured results from assessment manager
1311-1241447 Personnel 7 Need additional next of kin contacts