SIMS 2012 Autumn Release - Now Available

I'm pleased to inform you that the SIMS 2012 Autumn Release is now available for application in secondary schools. Please complete the form here to request that the release be applied in your school.

The SIMS 2012 Autumn Release contains enhancements to Assessment, Conduct, Cover, Discover, Early Years Attendance, Exams Organiser, Fees Billing, InTouch, Nova T6, Partnership Xchange, Personnel, Publications, Registrations and Admissions, Reports, SIMS Learning Gateway and System Manager.

This release contains updates to Statutory Returns for School Census Spring 2013 (England), PRU Census 2013 (England),), ATF 9.1 (England) , CTF 12 (England and Wales), and CESEW Census 2013.

FMS has been enhanced with a number of changes including the ability to save Personnel Links Salary Projection reports, two-stage Period End and annual double declining balance depreciation.

The Documentation Centre in SIMS is now available via the Internet as a default.


  • Assessment
  • CESEW Census 2013
  • Conduct
  • Cover
  • CTF
  • Discover
  • Early Years Attendance
  • Exams Organiser
  • Fees Billing
  • FMS
  • Independent School Census 2013 (ISC)
  • InTouch
  • Nova-T6
  • Partnership Xchange
  • Personnel
  • PLASC 2013 (Wales)
  • PRU Census 2013 (England)
  • Publications Documentation Centre
  • Registrations and Admissions
  • Reporting
  • School Census Spring 2013 (England)
  • SIMS Learning Gateway 2
  • SLASC 2013 (Independent Schools England)
  • SQL2012
  • SOLUS3.5 – released December 2012
  • System Manager 7

SIMS Version Support 
In line with the SIMS Version Support, the currently supported Platforms are:

  • SIMS 2012 Summer Release (v7.146)
  • SIMS 2012 Autumn Release (v7.148)