Exams patches now available - secondary schools only

Dear colleague

I can report that CCS has now released two more exams patches (details below) and these, along with Summer release 4 have now been authorised for application to your SIMS system

In the light of our experience, is our recommendation that you consider the implications for your school and apply these patches in advance of the download and analysis of results on Wednesday.

In view of the tight timescales involved, please respond directly to this e-mail if you require assistance with the application of the upgrade and patches.

Patch 17392

Updates the PI Equivalence Table to aid the PI calculations using

BTEC/AW1: Grade P, 0.5 GCSE, 12.5 pts (default value, but there are some instances of 0.25 GCSE and 6.25 pts)

BTEC/CE1: Grade P, 1 GCSE, 25 pts

BTEC/AW2: Grade P, 0.5 GCSE, 23 pts

BTEC/DI1: Grade P, 4 GCSE, 100 pts

And after confirmation from the DfE Xs are removed from the calculations

Patch 17387

BTEC basedata is routinely issued without discount codes this patch uses the generic QAN data which can be imported into the census area, to identify and assign the correct code automatically.

The latest QAN data base can be found at: https://collectdata.education.gov.uk/qwsweb and is not restricted for use just in England

Note this patch will not correct any wrongly aligned codes, but will fill in the blanks.

Best regards

Dave Cattlin