SIMS Interventions Awareness Day - Wed, 18th Oct 2017

SIMS Interventions

Interventions are anything that you are doing in school to help your students, above and beyond what would be considered part of normal school life.  This could be anything from academic catch ups, to work with students to improve attendance, to pastoral support, to ways to support students with behavioural issues, to support for pupil premium students.  

SIMS Team Intervention Awareness Day

The SIMS Team are hosting a SIMS Intervention Day to give staff in school the chance to see what they could gain from using SIMS Interventions.  We will be running 1 hour sessions throughout the day on Wednesday, 18th Oct 2017. During these sessions we will give a demonstration of some useful Interventions and the analysis reports you can run.

Please note that this is not hands on training although there will be some additional time for delegates to explore Interventions on our training systems at the end of the session, if required.

Please complete the booking form below to request a place on one of these sessions: