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Documentation notes for EDIT Managed Primary Schools
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Documentation notes for Secondary Schools


Secondary schools have a responsibility to tailor their provision to the needs of individual pupils and wish to work collaboratively with colleagues in primary schools to minimise the disruption caused by the Y6 to Y7 transfer. In order to tailor provision to the needs of individual pupils (for example, to set pupils or to continue to address any attendance, behavioural or special needs issues) it is vital that certain items of information are shared between schools in a useful and consistent format.

In accordance with the agreement reached at the transition conference held on April 29th 2010 and in a repeat of previous years, The SIMS Team has produced a SIMS Assessment Manager template in support of the electronic transfer of key data to be used as a basis for further action.

It is estimated that the completion of the data entry and transfer to LA elements of the process should take no more than one hour. The adoption of this procedure means that the primary schools only have to fill out 1 form for all students in 1 format and don't have to spend time returning the information to many separate secondary schools, they also don't need to duplicate the information for another secondary school if a pupil changes which high school they intend to attend. Secondary schools have access to a range of data much earlier than previously and in a consistent format which may be accessed and used by pastoral and teaching staff in a variety of ways in supporting the transition. From a primary perspective the entry and submission of this data will be carried out using an Assessment Manager wizard in the same way as is done when managing end of key stage data.

The sequence for the completion of the eTransition form is as follows;

  • Consider how the data will be input (whether you wish to enter the data to SIMS directly in the classroom, to print off the marksheet for subsequent entry by administrative staff or to export the marksheet to Microsoft Excel for subsequent import to SIMS).
  • Open Wizard Manager and the e-transition 2017 Primary Wizard
  • Open the marksheet in order to add/edit results, to print to export
  • Print reports for use in responding to any out of borough enquiries
  • Export transition data to the LA no later than Friday 21st April 2017. For those schools using a later holiday pattern.  For those finishing on Friday 7th April and returning on Monday 24th April the submission date for e-Transition is Friday 28th April.

The LA will aggregate all data received prior to the deadline date and forward this data to the appropriate secondary schools during w/c 8th May.

It is important to note that the data to be transferred in this manner will seek to support the transition working arrangements and not to lead them. It is also important to note that the process only covers students transferring between maintained Rochdale schools.